Are you interested in the research we do at PLSE? Whether you’re an undergrad at UW, a student elsewhere, or just generally interested in what we do, this is the page for you. Here are some ways you can get to know PLSE and our research.

Weekly PLSE Lunch

Every week, a student from PLSE, an external collaborator, or an outside researcher will present what they’ve been working on. Previous topics have included e-graphs, computer algebra systems, automated test case generation, and user interfaces for machine learning tools!

PLSE lunch & group meeting Tue 12:00 Gates 253

Reading Groups

PLSE has two reading groups, PLRG (Programming Languages Reading Group) and SERG (Software Engineering Reading Group). You may get credit for coming to reading group if you’re a student at UW, but you don’t need to be registered for the course to attend. Attending reading group is a great way to get acquainted with state-of-the-art research, discuss current trends in research, and more.

You should attend a reading group having spent at least one hour reading the paper. The papers for each reading group can be found on the PLRG and SERG schedules. If you don’t fully understand a paper, that’s normal! Come to reading group so you can discuss it.

If you’ve never read an academic paper before, don’t worry! Everyone in each of the reading groups will be happy to help you.

PL Reading Group Fri 3:30 Gates 287
SE Reading Group Mon 3:30 Gates 271