The main PLSE mailing list is plse, but there are additional mailing lists for various purposes.

When you join a CSE mailing list, it’s best use to your CSE netID. If you don’t have one, then when you join, supply your real name along with your email address so that it’s clear who you are.

PLSE mailing lists

You should join plse, which reaches faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students doing programming languages and software engineering research at UW, and pl-students, which reaches only graduate students in PL and SE.

You may wish to join some of the following lists:

You can also see the list of CSE-advertised, UW-advertised, and publicly-advertised> mailing lists.

Leaving PLSE

The plse mailing list is for for active group members only. Once you graduate or leave, you will be removed. The main reason is so that new students don’t feel uncomfortable sending to a list with a bunch of people they don’t know on it. However, you are welcome to stay on the cse590n and cse590p mailing lists for as long as you like.