UW CSE’s Programming Languages and Software Engineering group advances fundamental research and practical applications in programming environments, program analysis, language design, synthesis, run-time systems, compilers, testing, verification, and security. We have strong ties to researchers from Cray, Microsoft Research, NVIDIA, AT&T, and others. Several of us also work in the Sampa group.


  1. Konne will be presenting Bagpipe's BGP formalization in Brazil at NetPL 16.
  2. Recent PLSE alum and soon-to-be Cornell professor Adrian Sampson won UW CSE's William Chan Memorial Dissertation Award!
  3. Alvin won the DoE Early Career Award!
  4. Alvin and his collaborators from MIT, Stanford, and Barefoot Networks' work on programmable switches was accepted to SIGCOMM 2016.
  5. Ivan, Patty, Yuriy, and Mike's paper on Debugging distributed systems is the cover story in the March/April 2016 issue of ACM Queue.
  6. Mike, Alberto, Alessandra, and Mauro's paper on Automatic generation of oracles for exceptional behaviors was accepted to ISSTA 2016.
  7. Mike, Damiano, Massimo, and Fausto's paper on Semantics for locking specifications was accepted to NFM 2016.
  8. Neutrons was accepted to CAV'16. If you're there, come to the talk to learn about verifying a neutron therapy machine.
  9. Congratulations to Talia Ringer and Amanda Swearngin for winning NSF graduate fellowships!
  10. John and Dan's paper on Staccato, a bug finder for dynamic configuration updates, and Chenglong's paper on API adaptation will appear at ECOOP 2016!
  11. YOLO has been accepted to CVPR'16. Congrats to Joe!
  12. Xi's work on undefined behavior detection appears in this month's Communications of the ACM.
  13. Emina Torlak won the AITO Dahl-Nygaard prize and the Sloan Fellowship!
  14. We have three papers accepted to PLDI 2016: Calvin, Emina, and Mike’s data structure synthesis with Cozy; Eric, Daryl, Zach, and Dan’s verified peephole optimizations with Peek; and Alvin's verified lifting of stencils with STNG.
  15. Mike and Javier's paper on Locking discipline inference and checking was accepted to ICSE 2016.
  16. Konstantin Weitz was a finalist for the Facebook Fellowship Program!
  17. Pavel Panchekha won the Adobe Research Fellowship. Congrats!
  18. Daryl Zuniga won the prestigious UW Mary Gates Scholarship and an Honorable Mention for the CRA Undergraduate Research Award!
  19. Our paper on verifying Raft in Verdi will appear at CPP 2016!
  20. PLSE has four papers accepted to ASPLOS’16: approximate image and video storage, scalable superoptimization, DNA-based storage, and formal specifications for file system crash-consistency. See you in Atlanta!
  21. Alvin Cheung won MIT's George M. Sprowls Award for outstanding PhD theses in computer science!
  22. James, Emina, Dan, and Luis’s paper on optimizing program synthesis with metasketches has been accepted to POPL 2016.
  23. Sam just won the Lockheed Martin Award for Best Engineering Project at the Young Software Engineer Awards. Woohoo!
  24. PLSE sent four papers to OOPSLA this year: on object-oriented constraint solving, constraint programming, synthesis of layout engines, and a framework for synthesis.
  25. The PLSE group has five papers accepted to ASE’15: evaluating test generation, handling reflection in static analysis, Crust, history granularity transformations, and dynamic race detection. Don’t miss it!
  26. Timelapse has been accepted to UIST’15. Come find out about diffing web interfaces.
  27. The Herbie and Verdi projects killed it at PLDI’15. Didn't make the talks? Check out the project pages.
  28. The Herbie paper won Distinguished Paper at PLDI. Make sure you go see the talk!
  29. UW PLSE at SNAPL’15: a dependency case language for a neutron therapy machine, and hardware-software co-design!
  30. Ras Bodik is joining UW PLSE. We're so incredibly excited to work with him!
  31. Congrats Doug Woos and Pavel Panchekha, two students in UW PLSE, who just became NSF fellows.
  32. Verso presenting first steps toward low-level optimizations in CompCert, at CoqPL’15.

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