The PLSE Lab owns several research machines which we use for running jobs.

Available Machines

In order to remotely log into PLSE or department machines, you can use SSH. You can use any of the following:

Note that warfa and eel do not use standard CSE credentials. To make an account on warfa, please send an email request to Pavel or Stuart and include your public SSH key. Warfa is not connected to the CSE file system but is connected to the 3D printer. To make an account on eel, contact Mark Roberts.

Detailed information about PLSE machine characteristics is found in machine-chart.xlsx.


You may need to become a member of the following Unix groups, in order to have permission to access certain files and version control repositories. You can’t join directly, but can ask Mike, Dan, or Zach to add you.

There are additional Unix groups for certain research projects.

Undergraduates and visiting researchers

If you are an undergraduate, you do not automatically have a login account on the research machines. If you need one, fill out the account application form and give it to your adviser.