Underground Reading Group
Programming Languages

Autumn 2016 — Wednesday, 2:30pm — CSE 303

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Date Who What
Sep 28


Organizational meeting

Oct 5

James W

Innovations in Computational Type Theory using Nuprl

Introduction to NuPRL

Oct 12


Dag-calculus: a calculus for parallel computation

Oct 19

No meeting (Affiliates)

Oct 26

James W

Play around with JonPRL

Nov 2


Dependent Intersection: A New Way of Defining Records in Type Theory

Nov 9


Do Be Do Be Do

Nov 16


Hazelnut: A Bidirectionally Typed Structure Editor Calculus

Nov 23

No meeting (Thanksgiving)

Nov 30

John Toman

Accelerating Program Analyses by Cross-Program Training

Dec 7

Nate Yazdani

Computational Higher-Dimensional Type Theory

Dec 14


Catch up

Chapter 2 of Homotopy Type Theory Book

Paper Suggestions

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