PLSE Reading Group

Winter 2019 — Friday, 3:30pm — CSE 403

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We’ll be reading and discussing exciting recent papers from the broader Software Engineering and Programming Language community, with a slight bias toward topics folks in UW PLSE are exploring.

Some paper links may point into the ACM Digital Library or the Springer online collection. Using a UW IP address, or the UW libraries off-campus access, should provide access.

Date Who What
Jan 11


Room: CSE 203

Specifying 590P and Synthesizing the Schedule

Jan 18

Pavel and Zhen

Room: CSE 303

Ready, set, verify! applying hs-to-coq to real-world Haskell code (experience report)

Jan 25

Marisa and Jared

Destination-Passing Style for Efficient Memory Management

Feb 1

Chandra, Gus, Krzysztof

Denali: a goal-directed superoptimizer

Feb 8

Snow Day

No meeting

  • TBD.
Feb 15

Remy and Marisa

Prototyping a Functional Language using Higher-Order Logic Programming: A Functional Pearl on Learning the Ways of Lambda-Prolog/Makam

  • If you know prolog well, you can follow the authors’ suggestion and skim the highlighted code chunks.
  • Otherwise, try to read sections 1-7 & 11. Section 11 has a nice summary of their contribution.
  • If you have never encountered logic programming, Atonis has a simple tutorial.
  • There’s also a talk, but I didn’t find it to be too helpful.
Feb 22

Nate, Logan, and Jack

Structuring the Synthesis of Heap-Manipulating Programs

Mar 1

Talia and Chenglong

code2vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Code

Mar 8

Doug, Josh, and Miya

Live Functional Programming with Typed Holes

Mar 15



  • TBD.

Reading Papers

It may be useful to skim various advice on how to constructively evaluate research papers. Note that these principles also apply to reading group discussions! When considering motivation in particular, the Heilmeier Catechism is often a useful starting point.


Feel free to swap papers and dates or add yourself as a co-presenter to a topic.

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