PLSE Reading Group

Autumn 2018 — Friday, 3:30pm — CSE 203

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We’ll be reading and discussing exciting recent papers from the broader Software Engineering and Programming Language community, with a slight bias toward topics folks in UW PLSE are exploring.

Some paper links may point into the ACM Digital Library or the Springer online collection. Using a UW IP address, or the UW libraries off-campus access, should provide access.

Date Who What
Sep 28


Specifying 590P and Synthesizing the Schedule

Oct 5

Max Willsey, Chandrakana Nandi, Remy Wang

Liquid Types

  • Read the abstract and intro (and maybe overview) of the original paper.
  • Do a little bit (suggestion: first 3 sections) of the Liquid Haskell tutorial.
  • For the curious, other liquid types papers can be found here.
Oct 12

Doug Woos, Sorawee Porncharoenwase

Who Tests the Testers

Oct 19

Talia Ringer, Jacob Van Geffen

BP: Formal Proofs, the Fine Print and Side Effects

Oct 26

Nate Yazdani

Verifying concurrent software using movers in CSPEC

Nov 2

Gus, Steven

Build systems a la carte

Nov 9

James Wilcox

The Left Hand of Equals (ONWARD 2016)

Nov 16

No one

PLDI: No Meeting

Nov 23

No Meeting

Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 30

Jared Roesch, Marisa Kirasame

Programming with a Differentiable Forth Interpreter

Dec 7

No Meeting

CSE Holiday Party

Reading Papers

It may be useful to skim various advice on how to constructively evaluate research papers. Note that these principles also apply to reading group discussions! When considering motivation in particular, the Heilmeier Catechism is often a useful starting point.


Feel free to swap papers and dates or add yourself as a co-presenter to a topic.

Some Options for Autumn

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