590P: PL Reading Group

Winter 2017 — Friday, 3:30pm — CSE 203

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We’ll be reading and discussing exciting recent papers from the programming languages community. Participants should subscribe to the 590p mailing list. Note the list also has many current and former department members interested in programming languages.

Some paper links may point into the ACM Digital Library or the Springer online collection. Using a UW IP address, or the UW libraries off-campus access, should provide access.

Date Who What
Jan 6



Jan 13

Doug Woos and Ryan Doenges

Refinement Reflection

Jan 20

Nate and Calvin

Component-Based Synthesis for Complex APIs

Jan 27

Talia and Stuart

Beginner’s Luck: A Language for Property-Based Generators

Feb 3


Call Graphs for Languages with Parametric Polymorphism

Feb 10


Polymorphism, Subtyping, and Type Inference in MLsub

Feb 17

Martin and Eric

Into the depths of C: elaborating the de facto standards

Feb 24

Steven and Max

Verified Compilation of CakeML to Multiple Machine-Code Targets

Mar 3

Pavel and Mangpo

Automatic Parallelization of Pure Method Calls via Conditional Future Synthesis

Paper Suggestions

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