590P: PLSE Seminar

Spring 2016 — Wednesday, 3:30pm — CSE 203

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We’ll discuss PLSE’s current large projects and also host external speakers. Participants should subscribe to the PLSE mailing list.

Date Who What
Mar 30

James B

‘Specifying and Checking File System Crash-Consistency Models’ ASPLOS practice talk

Apr 6

Leonardo de Moura (MSR)

The Lean Theorem Prover

Apr 13



Apr 20

Nate Yazdani and Ras Bodik

Parallelizing Browser Layout

Apr 27

External visitor prep


May 4

(DARPA Sandcat visit)

May 11

Shaz Qadeer, Microsoft

Programming Devices and Services with P

May 18

Craig Chambers, Google

Room: CSE 691 (Gates Commons)

Flume/Dataflow: Easy, Efficient Parallel Data Processing

May 25

No Meeting


Jun 1

BRASS/SandCat Internal Meeting


Jun 8

Milind Kulkarni, Purdue

Room: CSE 305

Regularizing the irregular: analyses and transformations for recursive, irregular applications

Aug 3

Christoph Csallner, UTA

Room: CSE 305

Reverse Engineering Mobile Application User Interfaces With REMAUI

Aug 8

Maria Christakis, Microsoft RiSE

Room: CSE 305

Building Program Analyzers for Developers

Aug 26

Zhilei Xu, MIT

Room: CSE 403

MSL: A Deterministic Model for Bulk-Synchronous SPMD Programming

Sep 1

Shachar Itzhaky, MIT

Room: CSE 403

Refinement Reloaded, or- Deriving Divide-and-Conquer Dynamic Programming Algorithms by Transformation