590P: PL Reading Group

Autumn 2015 — Wednesday, 3:30pm — CSE 203

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We’ll be reading and discussing exciting recent papers from the programming languages community. Participants should subscribe to the 590p mailing list. Note the list also has many current and former department members interested in programming languages.

Some paper links may point into the ACM Digital Library or the Springer online collection. Using a UW IP address, or the UW libraries off-campus access, should provide access.

Date Who What
Sep 30


Paper Selection

Oct 7

Bill, Sam, Calvin

The Next 700 Programming Languages

Oct 14

Nate, Talia, James

Abstracting Abstract Machines

Matt Might has good blog posts on CEK machines and CESK machines

Oct 21

Brandon H., John

Incremental Computation with Names

Oct 28

Martin Monperrus

Latest Results on Automatic Software Repair

Automatic software repair is the process of fixing software bugs automatically. This is a recent and active research area in the software engineering community. Before having a large impact on practice, research tries to understand the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of current repair algorithms. This talk presents the results of a recent experiment on repairing 224 real Java bugs from open source projects.

Nov 4

Alex S., Doug, Spencer, Daryl

Partial Evaluation of Computation Process: An Approach to a Compiler-Compiler

Nov 11

No meeting (Veterans Day)

Nov 18

Chandra, Stuart, Konne

Verified Correctness and Security of OpenSSL HMAC

see also the SHA256 paper

Nov 25

No meeting (Thanksgiving)

Dec 2

Jared, Eric M.

Pilsner: A Compositionally Verified Compiler for a Higher-Order Imperative Language

Dec 9

Chenglong, Alex P., Pavel

Efficient Synthesis of Probabilistic Programs

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