Underground Constraints Reading Group

Spring 2016 — Tuesday, 2:30pm — CSE 674 (Irish)

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We’ll be reading and discussing papers relating to programming models for working with search procedures and solvers, solver technology, and reactive programming. In addition, this quarter we will also have some sessions on local work in progress, and other sessions devoted to working with different tools (solvers and languages), in which participants who are using specific tools will give informal talks/demos/code walkthroughs of the application. Some paper links may point into the ACM Digital Library or the Springer online collection. Using a UW IP address, or the UW libraries off-campus access, should provide access. To receive announcements and news, please subscribe to the 591R mailing list. This quarter, this reading group is an Underground Reading Group, meaning you there’s no academic credit for coming along. Sam and Julie are organising the group, so it may work differently to usual.

Date Who What
Mar 29


Room: CSE 203

Paper Selection

Apr 5


Synthesizing Transformations on Hierarchically Structured Data

Apr 12


An Overview of the Leon Verification System

Including a Demo

Apr 19


Survey of Reactive Programming

Apr 26


Conditionally Correct Superoptimization

May 3


Hints DSL Demo + Experiment

May 10


Program Synthesis From Polymorphic Refinement Types

May 17


Synthesis Modulo Recursive Functions

This follows from An Overview of the Leon Verification System above

May 24


Reactive Programming with Reactive Variables

May 31


Program Extrapolation with Jennisys


See also the suggestions from last quarter.

Reactive Programming

Program Synthesis