PLSE Lunch
The Best Part Of The Week

All Year — Tuesday, 12:00pm — CSE 305

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The PLSE Group meets for lunch each week, usually in CSE 305. The first Tuesday of the month, we’ll head over to the Ave to grab a bite. Students are welcome to sign up for a slot to describe their current progress and get feedback on early research results. Besides signing up for talks, please also sign up to be a lunch Czar! As a lunch Czar, one needs to a. pick up lunch from the front desk by 11:47:52, b. make sure room is ready, c. return the lunch cart, and d. make sure that the room is cleaned up after lunch (everyone should help, the czar is just the leader for that).

Date Who What
Jan 7


Room: Gates 253

Welcome back

Lunch czar: Krzysztof

Jan 14

POPL Speakers

Room: Gates 253

POPL Practice Talks

Lunch Czar: Ben

Jan 21


Room: Gates 253


Lunch Czar: Chandra

Jan 28


Room: Ave

Ave lunch

Feb 4


Room: Gates 253

Quantum and PL

Lunch Czar: Talia

Feb 11


Room: Gates 253

Project Sidewinder: Transforming Program State Visualizations

Lunch czar: Gus

Feb 18


Room: Gates 253

Liquid: a high-level semantic pattern-matching DSL for program binaries

Lunch czar: Chandra

Feb 25


Room: Ave

Ave lunch

Mar 3


Room: Gates 253

Szalinski: High Level Structure Synthesis for CAD

Lunch czar: Remy

Mar 10

Cancelled due to COVID-19

Room: No lunch

Cancelled due to COVID-19