PLSE Lunch
The Best Part Of The Week

All Year — Tuesday, 12:00pm — Gates 253

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The PLSE Group meets for lunch each week. The last Tuesday of the month, we’ll head over to the Ave to grab a bite. Students are welcome to sign up for a slot to describe their current progress and get feedback on early research results. Besides signing up for talks, please also sign up to be a Lunch Czar! As a Lunch Czar, one needs to: (1) pick up lunch from the front desk; (2) make sure room is ready; (3) return the lunch cart; (4) make sure that the room is cleaned up after lunch (everyone should help, the czar is just the leader).

Date Who What
Oct 1


PLSE Town Hall

Czar: Chandra

Oct 8


Czar: Krzysztof Drewniak

Oct 15


Room: Gates 253

Theia: Automatically Generating Correct Program State Visualizations

Czar: Talia

Oct 22


Room: Gates 253

Proof Engineering Tools for a New Era

Czar: Oak

Oct 29


Room: Ave

Ave lunch

Nov 5


Room: Gates 253

Replicated Datatypes

Czar: Zhen

Nov 12


Room: Gates 253


Czar: Chandra

Nov 19


Room: Gates 371

Automating Data Visualization for the Masses

The talk will be from 11:00am to 12:30pm at Gates 371, then we’ll have lunch in the lab Gates 253. Czar: Jacob

Nov 26


Verifying Object Construction

Czar: Rashmi

Dec 3

Ori Lahav

Verification under causally consistent shared memory

Czar: Ben

Dec 10


Ave lunch