PLSE Colloquium Series

Winter 2017 — Wednesday, 3:30pm — CSE 305

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We’ll discuss PLSE’s current large projects and also host external speakers. Meetings are every other Wednesday. In the Winter and Spring quarters students will give practice talks for conferences, quals, etc. Participants should subscribe to the PLSE mailing list.

Date Who What
Jan 11

Ravi Chugh

Direct Manipulation Programming Systems

Jan 12

Matthew Flatt

Let’s Build a Hygienic Macro Expander!

Jan 25

Claire Le Goues

Scalable Semantic Code Search for High-Quality Program Repair

Feb 8

Ranjit Jhala

Refinement Types for Dynamic Languages

Mar 20

Stephen Chang

Type Systems as Macros

Apr 26

Adam Chlipala

A Case for Integrating Proof Assistants into Daily Programming

May 19

Navid Yaghmazadeh

Automated Synthesis of Data Extraction and Transformation Programs

Jun 15

Vijay Ganesh

On The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Boolean SAT Solvers

Jul 5

Rene Just

Learning from Program Context to Predict Effective Program Transformations

Jul 10

Robert O’Callahan

Real-World Record And Replay

Sep 12

Andreas Zeller

Mining Input Grammars for Security Testing