PLSE Group Meeting

Spring 2016 — Friday, 3:30pm — CSE 203

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We’ll meet each week to discuss exciting research going on within the group. Participants should subscribe to the PLSE mailing list.

Date Who What
Apr 1


‘Scaling Up Superoptimization’ ASPLOS practice talk

Apr 8

Apr 15

Mooly Sagiv (outside speaker, University of Tel Aviv)

Verifying Safety of Distributed Systems

Apr 22

Cristina Nita-Rotaru (outside speaker, Northeastern University)

Adversarial Testing and Compliance Checking of Protocol Implementations

Apr 29


May 6


(Quals Talk) Staccato: A Bug-Finder for Dynamic Configuration Updates

May 13

Maria Gorinova (outside speaker, University of Cambridge)

A Live, Multiple-Representation Probabilistic Programming Environment for Novices

May 20

Ben Hindman (outside speaker, group alum, 2016 Diamond Award Winner)

co-founder Mesosphere, title TBD, Gates Commons, CSE 691

May 27

Eric Mullen

PLDI Practice Talk (Peek)

Jun 3

Stuart Pernsteiner

Investigating safety of a radiotherapy machine using system models with pluggable checkers (CAV practice talk)