PLSE Talks

Fall, Winter, Spring — Friday, 1:00pm — Gates 253

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Show up for great in-person technical talks each week to learn about what folks are working on across PLSE. We especially encourage “whiteboard talks” with no slides, “intro + background” talks that give the vision for projects just taking shape, and “work in progress” talks that dive deep into interesting challenges! There will not be any food at talks this quarter, but some folks are planning to eat outdoors or off campus at 11:30am on Fridays and be back for the talk at 1:00pm.

Date Who What
Oct 1

Rachit Nigam, PhD Student, Cornell University

Room: Gates 231

Compiler Infrastructure for Accelerator Generators

Oct 8

Jacques Klein

Room: Gates 231

A Journey Through Android App Analysis: Solutions and Open Challenges

Oct 15

Luis Vega

Luis’s General Exam (at 11:30am)

Oct 22
Room: Gates 231


Oct 29


Room: Gates 231

An Expressive, Optimal, and Somewhat Efficient Pretty Printer

Nov 4

Mangpo Phothilimthana

Autotuning Production Machine Learning Compilers

Nov 5

Daniel Shapero

Room: Gates 231

Geometry, topology, and homology, oh my! (Mesh transformations via SMT)

Nov 12

Jacob Van Geffen

Room: Gates 231


Nov 19

PLDI deadline

Nov 26

Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 3

Remy Wang

Room: Gates 231

What is the Logic of Databases?

Dec 10
Room: Gates 231