PLSE has a whole host of web resources. This page gives more information on them.

Websites that should list you

You should be listed at these locations. Ask the maintainer of each relevant list to add you.


Many open source projects produced in the lab can be found on GitHub. Our GitHub organizations include uwplse, typetools, randoop, codespecs, and FPBench.

Projects not yet public and private documents such as papers also live on Github, but in private projects.

You should become a member of the uwplse organization on Github; ask one of the admins to give you access. Joining the organization will give you access to private repositories.

Travis & Jenkins

Many of our projects use Travis for automated testing. Please give Travis access to your GitHub account. Otherwise, you will not receive email notification if you push a commit that breaks the tests.

A Jenkins continuous integration server (automated testing after each commit/push, daily, etc.) exists at http://tern.cs.washington.edu:8080/ and is also used by some projects.


Consider subscribing to the following low-traffic blogs:

Student blogs are aggregated on a separate page.